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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 20, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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from the reservoir three weeks after he disappeared. a boater made the discovery and called 911. >> he's always been a very intelligent bright young man and that's what we want to remember about him. >> reporter: goggins aunt is speaking for his family. his mother tracy told wjz that goggins asked her to babysit his baby the night he disappeared, and he hasn't heard from him since. >> talking to your child one minute and not knowing where he is the next. it's hard to put into words the pain that you know, tracy and rodney have been going through. >> reporter: a shock to his family and to the city fire department. where goggins was considered a stand out recruit just two months into the five month process of becoming a full
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pledged firefighter. >> - - full fledged firefighter. >> no doubt in my mind he was going to be a great firefighter. >> reporter: family members say they are already planning that funeral and the family members say the fire department is going to be honoring goggins as they would any other active firefighters. meanwhile investigators say they are going to be observing autopsy while they look for any clues. >> derek thank you, the family has set up an account at wachovia bank to help support his infant daughter. and shocking new details are emerging tonight in a bomb threat that had washington reagan airport repairing for the worse.
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denise is in the newsroom with information. >> flights were grounded for 20 pháeups while security teams searched for explosives on board a train -- 20 minutes while security teams searched for explosives on board a plane. the woman told investigators that she received a message from god, that message that there was a bomb on the plane and that people were going to die. the fbi said the woman is now in a mental health facility for investigation. >> so far no criminal charges have been filed in this case. chris comings is a bright young student gunned down in his home. now as the search for his killer stretches, his uncle maryland congressman elijah comings heads to new england to help. >> reporter: kai congressman comings says someone knows something pertaining to the
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death of his nephew. he's asking anyone, even with the smallest amount of information to come guard. maryland congressman elijah comings visits the scene of the crime. >> we want to make sure that everyone student that comes to this university feels safe and is safe. not enough to feel safe but we want to make sure they are. >> reporter: christopher comings was shot and killed the morning of june 10 at his off campus home. together with his family they met with the campus president to talk about student safety. >> there are african american children who are doing great things on the streets every day. some here in baltimore. >> reporter: the neighborhood where comings has been killed has been plagued with robberyless. congressman comings says someone knows something in this neighborhood. >> a lot of people know, and we hopefully will get some tips and we'll be able to resolve
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this case. >> reporter: christopher comings father james spoke with the media today. >> it's not for my son, his blood is on these carpets. but it's for the families and the other students that live here. >> reporter: the university has already beefed up security significantly, but cummings says he hopes the students will also create their own security panel. >> congressman cummings is asking anyone with information about his nephew's murder to call 1-888-lock-uup. and let's go to captain perry with more. >> big trouble for evening commuters. this is on oakley road in baltimore county a little after 4:00 this afternoon, a dump struck and sports utility
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vehicle collided causing the driver of the truck which overturned to be trapped for a brief period of time. also the driver of the other vehicle was trapped, both have been extracated. the major issue here is the severe traffic issue that's causing traffic both on the north and south the áf directions. police are taking traffic off of southbound pearing on to oakley road and back on to pearing parkway. you can expect delays in the area. a lot of the truckloads was filled with sand looks like in the roadway and appears this is going to be some time before northbound pear parkway is cleaned up. >> thank you, captain mike perry reporting live. it could be quite some time before a body found near the bay bridge is identified. a boater spotted the remains
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yet. the body is so badly decomposed police were not able to tell if it's a man or a woman. police say it could take several weeks before an autopsy is completed. six people were shot outside a home on dennisson street last thursday. five of the victims survived but 55-year-old charles lasane was killed. right now police have not made any arrests in this case. the national aquarium in baltimore has a new man in charge. today john recanelli was named the new ceo by the board of directors. recenelli is working with organizations dedicated to ocean conservation. well summer is almost here, and things have cooled down quite a bit as we say goodbye to spring. a live look outside right now shows us a cloudy start to our evening. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bernadette woods will tell us
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when things will start to cool down. >> right now just a few showers to the west of us. most of the activity south of us as you can see across virginia but there's another big batch over ohio, west virginia, it's moving off to the east but it's going to be pushed offer to the south of the region. very dry air. most of the stuff you see in ohio is really not going to be here. a few of these showers will make it to our region late tonight or in the early morning tomorrow. and bernadette has what we have coming, and look at those temperatures from this morning. >> and they are still climbing. the dewpoints are very low so it's not that intense humidity that we talk about in that summertime hours. this is what's going to happen, that intense humidity and those higher temperatures are returning to our region. it's just down to our southwest 99 in dallas right now. 88 in kansas city. you can see that air being drawn north.
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it will come our way behind that storm that bob was just talking about. we'll have a full forecast coming. back inside. >> jack young officially announced today he will run for city council president. young took over for then council president bethany blake. young has served for 15 years on the city council in all. so far no one has entered the race. political reporter pat warren has more on why mayor blake considers baltimore a role model for other cities to follow. >> reporter: a roll call of mayors and an opportunity for baltimore to shine. >> i really wanted a way to showcase the city for the nation and this has been just
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that showcase. >> reporter: over the course of the u.s. conference of mayors, with keynote speakers including nancy pelosi mayor blake seen here friday with chicago mayor ron emmanuel put baltimore's best foot forward including a panel on education. blake broke ground with the adoption of the way teachers are being played. mayor blake believed merits national recognition. >> i am very proud to say that baltimore is not waiting for superman, superwoman or anyone else to improve our public schools. >> reporter: it caps a week of show and tell. >> it's been great for baltimore, the one thing i keep hearing is that they are saying they're going to come back and they just had no idea how wonderful our city was. >> reporter: the mayor's
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conference ends with what mayors hope merits federal legislation. >> reporter: the mayors passed a resolution urging a quick end to war in iraq and for congress to spend those millions at home instead. and hidden fees. why you may be paying too much for your cell phones each month and what the government can do to stop it. and a massive lawsuit against wal-mart will not go forward. a former nba star puts his skills to work for a baltimore constitution. and spring is on its way out. and bob turk will tell us what we can expect as we welcome summer. ,,,,,,[ female announcer ] keurig brews more than just hot coffee.
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the fcc is cracking down on cramming. that's the term used to identify fees on cell phone bills. the illegal charges are difficult to spot so no consumer unknowingly wind up paying them. >> reporter: samantha malone opened her cell phone bill one day and discovered she had been charged for a game she never ordered. >> i think it was for $9.99 and i never remembered subscribing to anything that warranted that charge. >> reporter: samantha was the victim of cramming. the federal communications commission estimates she's one of 20 million americans who have been scammed that way. >> the improper charges can be for voice mail or long distance service that the consumer didn't request. >> reporter: charges usually range from $1.99 to $19.99. but only about 5% of consumers
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realize they've been ripped off because the charges on the bill are hard to find. the government is setting up a tip sheet so you can identify the charges. >> you can call the third party's charge. that company's number should be on the bill or you can call your phone company. >> reporter: malone says that her phone company did not help but her credit card company resolved the problem. last week the fcc proposed more than a million dollars in fines against four companies accused of illegally building tens of thousands of consumers for unauthorized charges. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work let's check on the roads with christie bresline. >> hi kai, hi everyone. i want to give you an update on an accident that's still going to cause some problems for us for quite some time. it's on oakland road,
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northbound traffic on pearing traffic being diverted into crosland plaza. avoid the area if at all possible. there's the dump truck with the sand all over the road. we're hoping to get that cleaned up pretty rapidly. york road at west seminary, another accident. as far as the west side interloop goes 10 minutes there from legendary pike. let's now take a live look you can see traffic pretty sluggish there that's 70 at 29. everything seems to be lightening up there. this traffic report is brought to you by the cockrin firm. if you or anyone you know have suffered an injury. visit them online. and chris weber came to the city for a big announcement at
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the wax museum. he's putting his time, money and name behind a wing that honors sports stars. five time nba all star chris weber is leading the fundraiser effort for the sports wing, that will be dedicated to black athletes. >> i asked if i could partner so i could help children know that they can -- >> he's a big fan of the great blacks in wax museum first visiting with his wife a former
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teacher in baltimore. >> she always took her students there. and she treats me like a student, one of her kids any way. that i went to the museum and it changed my life. >> the sports league that weber is spear heading is part of a much larger expansion. the museum is looking to build a block long 120,000 square foot state of the art new blacks in wax museum. weber is hoping to raise $120,000 for the sports wing. this fall he will have a golf tournament and gala reception. the wing is expected to open in 2014. they're going to be a lot of funds raising for sure. >> this is the last day of spring which means summer starts tomorrow. and it's going to feel more like summer tomorrow. it's a beautiful day today. 77. that's the hottest we've gotten
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today but it's still climbing. more humid and more warmth headed our way. the barometer right now holding steady. we'll take a look at that first day of summer forecast right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a nice end of spring out there right now. beautiful. >> that says it all. >> and as you can see lots of water in most of the dams. some of them actually so full running over. we have a little bit of rain this weekend. most of it was south of the region. quite a bit of rain in virginia. the lower eastern shore region did not have a great weekend. although there were some sunny spots but right now they've kind of cleared that. it's pretty clear around here. but there are some rain showers west of it. might get in here late late
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tonight. take a look at temperatures, still 77 ocean city, 73 up in oakland. dc at 78. pleasant upper 60s, low 50s all day long. with temperatures in the 70s it's very, very comfortable. temperatures should jump eight to 10 degrees. with the dewpoints to the 60s you will feel more humidity tomorrow than you did today. 77, 68 today. average is now 84, 62 still nice. the record 100 and 52 back in 2005 by the way. right now the rain turning to the south. georgia today 31 straight over 90 degrees. not even a break for those folks. they haven't had much in the way of rain. this basically is separating cooler air to the north and very cool air to the south. temperatures in the mid-upper 90s. dallas 99 degrees right now. these showers are headed to the
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east. they're being deflected by a little bubble. even though we have a lot of clouds moving in our direction. the rain is beginning to shrink . i think we may get a shower in here. there's still plenty of clouds in here. they will probably keep temperatures down a bit. but we still expect temperatures to get in the mid, maybe upper 80s. it's going to feel pretty much like midsummer. and there's going to be that risk that front through the area of scattered thunderstorms activity you can see heavy downpours and gusty winds with any of those as we've seen the last week or so. top winds with a five to 15 knots. late late tonight some showers are possible. mainly south and west of the area. 66, maybe a rumble of thunder. tomorrow sun, clouds, a shower or thundershower. maybe a left over shower in the morning. perhaps upper 80s.
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the sun will do a lot this time of year. we'll see some showers in some spots. >> thanks, bob. learning how to be a police officer. that's what dozens of baltimore county teens are doing this week. andrea fujihi explains that the goal of this program is how to become a community leader. >> reporter: getting an up and personal look at police work. it's a one week course for baltimore county teens put on by the county police department. >> they learn why we do the things that we do. they take us back into our communities. >> i was really all my life being a big fan of law enforcement. just the whole criteria of policemen. >> okay, one, two, three, again. >> reporter: besides some fun and games is hands on experience. with prime investigation. some who have come through the
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program have joined the force. >> we've had several of our cadets and police officers that have been through the youth leadership academy in the past. >> that's brandon williams, former high school graduate. getting a head start to lead their community. >> doing the best i can. >> reporter: at the end of the week there's a graduation ceremony as many of these students will start life after high school. in dundock, andrea fujihi. >> this is the fourth year for the free youth leadership academy. still ahead on wjz news at 5:00. >> coming up police are hunting for this man. find out why as eyewitness news continues. >> i'm ron max with the first mariner arena. bruce springsteen appeared here just over a year ago and it's
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where baltimore fans are remembering. the sax man clarence clemons. >> and why you ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 5:59, 77 degrees and sunny. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories
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people are talking about tonight. city police are worried and on alert tonight. they are asking for the public's help to catch a serial robber's suspect. that pleas come as police keep their own tactics a secret. >> reporter: made for convenience, 7/11 and farm stores are the targets of choice for this man. surveillance cameras captured these images during the past few weeks when as many as four stores were robbed at gunpoint. he pulled each job the same way. >> he will enter the store, get back behind the counter, points a handgun at clerks. >> reporter: but that's about all police will say. robbed stores are not being identified expect that they are some where in the northwest, northern and north eastern police districts. undercover operations are in place at an unknown number of stores, roughly half the size of baltimore. police say the robber hasn't hurt anyone but the potential is there and that's enough reason for concern. >> he is considered armed and dangerous. >> he is believed to be between 25 and 30 years old around 6
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feet and around 160 and 200 pounds. alex demetric, wjz news. >> police are asking anyone with information to call 911. city police are also asking for your help finding a vehicle taken at a carjacking early there morning. the victim and a friend were driving on the 3200 block of winterboruns road. police are looking for a white lexus suv with maryland tag 58d0872. hundreds of people in east baltimore are still waiting to get their water turned back on. crews ran into problems today. the water has been flowing in the creek since saturday. crews helped get the problem fixed in the next several hourless. people who lost water may still
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have low water pressure or cloudy water but city officials say it is safe to drink. more fires seem to be popping up every day. vic is in the newsroom with more concerns. >> the biggest concern seems to be in the south eastern area. aircrafts were grounded for much of the day. a blaze near the mexican border has burned dozens of homes and forced people to evacuate the area. in texas, fires have been fueled by a drought. more than 3 million acres have been torched over the past 10 months. people are also being warned
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about three limbs breaking because of the damage. kai back to you. the judge in the anthony case scolded the attorneys. >> i want you both of you to turn around and look at that clock back there and tell me what it is. >> reporter: one of the disputes involves a witness who took the stand over the weekend. the judge was unhappy that the prosecution did not reveal what the witness was going to say beforehand. new yorkers are split over the issue of same-sex marriage. here you see protesters for and against sex marriage. the state assembly approved the same-sex marriage bill last week. the legislative session ends today. but so far the state senate has not scheduled a vote oápbt on
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the bill. the suit claims wal-mart employees were denied promotions. >> reporter: if supreme court blocked the largest employment discrimination lawsuit in u.s. history from going forward. the justices were unanimous saying more than 1.5 million women can not file a class action suit against wal-mart. the case started about a year ago when a group of women accused the world's largest retailer of giving them less pay and promotions than their counter parts. >> i think wal-mart failed me by not giving me a chance to advance myself and i knew i was capable. >> reporter: in a 5-4 ruling the justices found there were too many women and too many jobs to qualify as one class in
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the suit. the court' 's court's decision is a major win for the company. in a statement wal-mart said we are pleased with today's ruling and believe the court made the right decision. wall wal-mart has had strong policies for generations. but the women say the ruling makes the fight against workplace discrimination even harder. the small group of women who started the case vow to continue with their lawsuits. they are still free to file individual claims against wal- mart. washington, daniel nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. at least one plaintiff says they will file individual court cases against wal-mart. summertime means pool time. but everyone those little wading pools in the backyard can be deadly. the majority of deaths include children under five and most of
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the incidents took place in the child's own yard. children should never be left unattended near water and care givers should always know cpr. sega says hackers have stolen information of million of their users. the hackers got ahold of no financial information. it is unclear who is behind the attack. searching for a specific item online can be frustrated at times but that should become easier next year. i can has voted to open up the naming system so that groups can apply to make their own domain names. time now for a quick look at the stories we will find tomorrow on the baltimore sun.
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more on the national director of the new aquarium. and why even during the lock out everyone seems to have something to say about joe flacco. for all these stories and a whole lot more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. music fans are in mourning. they are remembering, clemons. the musician known as the big man has tied to the baltimore area. >> reporter: the soul of the east street band clarence clemons died saturday from complications of a stroke. just over a year ago bruce springsteen played the first mariner arena. >> i remember walking out, his first song turning around and seeing a sold out house. >> reporter: this photo on clemons on stage at the arena will be a lasting memory. >> having cleans clarence with bruce again in this building is
5:38 pm
icon in the music industry. >> reporter: they call clemons the big man, and across the country, springsteen's fans are mourning his loss. clarence came to baltimore to appear on two episodes of the wire. but he was best known for his music. part of 21 springsteen years. >> it's just a beautiful picture of clarence playing the sax. >> ron max, wjz eyewitness news. clarence clemons was 69 years old. the springsteen concert drew
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the 120,000 people to the show. >> as you can see from sky chopper 13 preparations in full force. the interlocking panels now being set up to create the 360 view for concertgoers. >> there's so many different angles, no matter where you sit you will be able to get a full concert experience. >> bono. >> excited to have him of course. don't miss the cbs evening news. >> like the rest of the nation, milwaukee's unemployment rate hovers at 10%. but for black men it's four times higher. what the city is doing to combat the crisis tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. and still to come tonight
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at 5:00, deadly protest, the syrian president makes a rare speech but will it be enough to stop the uprising. bob turk, summer begins tomorrow. i'll have the forewarning five day forecast. here's today's report from wall street, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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about 19 hours left of spring this year. so what will the first day of summer bring? bernadette woods has that answer. bernadette. >> as we start heading into summer, summertime weather is definitely returning. so this is how it looks, we do have a couple of showers possible tonight into the first part of tomorrow. maybe just a shower or two, nothing too alarming. but as we head through the afternoon hours we're going to see mixed clouds and sunshine and a pop up shower. we'll start warming up also we get into the mid-80s for our
5:44 pm
high. for the rest of the five day here is bob. >> a warm up wednesday and thursday. and yes probably a shower or thunderstorms. could be gusty winds, one of those. 83, probably a shower left on saturday. so a bit unsettled, but again we actually could use some of that rain in some areas. mary. >> okay, bob, thank you. today's energy saver, you can buy foam pads to reduce the amount of hot air coming inside all summer long. for more information on how you can be an energy saver, go to it is first public speech in few months, syria's president says he is all for reform but h -- but he gave no
5:45 pm
sign that he's going to step down. >> reporter: protesters marched against syrian president assad after he announced his plans. he says the mass protests are not helping. what is happening today he says has nothing to do with reform it has to do with vandalism. assad blames foreign conspirators and warned of chaos. assad is the latest leader trying to keep hold of his seat. in the town of badama, tanks rolled in and witnesses say they opened fire. they shot at everyone this man says. they targeted schools, they shot at people fleeing toward the mountains.
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opponents say the reforms assad are offering are too little too late and they want him out of power. but his speech shows he's not about to step aside. rita nissan, wjz eyewitness news. almost 11,000 syrians have fled to turkey to avoid that chaos. in libya, nato air strike kills nine civilians and leaves houses in ruins. gadhafi is accusing nato of cold-blooded murder. nato says yesterday's air strikes were aimed at legitimate military targets to protect libyan civilians. and he says missells have been spotted in the area. more than 500 people are forced to evacuate their home after a chemical explodes in st. louis.
5:47 pm
several tankers filled with acetone exploded. three firefighters suffered injuries. one of the costars of jackass franchise has died in a car crash. ryan marsh's car -- the 34-year- old performed stunts for the films over the year. coming up denise is coming by with the preview. >> reporter: grizzly details from a crime. wjz is learning more about the man charged with slitting the throats of his wife and daughter. keeping the world safe from nuclear power. what can be done to prevent future problems. check in for these stories and all the breaking news. coming up all new at 6:00, now back to mary. it is the battle of the grannies in iowa. eight teams of ladies over 60
5:48 pm
duked it out on the basketball court as part of the iowa senior olympics. the group of women meets once a week to practice. put it up there grams, good job. they say they will not let age slow down their game. i like their outfits too. that's a little bit of aerobics too. >> good for them. they look good. >> there you go. i want to see her put it in. >> let's see. oh yeah. look at that. >> it's that infamous cut away shot. >> we don't know how that got it there. >> basketball stories, you have to get that shot. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. we hear from the orioles. hottes,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it may not be the ravens and the steelers but baltimore- pittsburgh game is reason to
5:52 pm
talk live. mark viviano joins us now. >> reporter: neither has had a winning season since the 90s. in fact, they are the two teams with the longest runs of losing years. 18 straight for the pirates, 13 in a row for the o's. they do enter an interleague series tonight. pittsburgh is playing pretty well and you can say the same for o's first baseman derrick lee. five hits on friday. two on saturday, two more on sunday. nine hits in a three game series for derrick lee. even though the birds lost two of the three games. lee's search could help bring their bats to life. >> we've been getting a little better as of late. but it felt good and hopefully i'll continue to build on it. i'm going to continue to be consistent. take some swings. >> in three days lee raised his
5:53 pm
batting average 21 point. bad news today for one of the best hitters in the game. albert pujols is diagnosed with a broken left wrist suffered yesterday when he jammed his arm making a tag of kansas city wilson bettemi. pujols collapsed in pain. the fracture will keep him out four to six weeks. that's good news for oriole fans who are hoping to see pujols next week when the cardinals come to camden yards for the first time in their history. obviously he will not be able to play. coming up the next hour, a new manager is one of the oldest in baseball history. and it's opening day at wimbledon. i'll have highlights at 10:00. and food allergies may be more common than we first thought. kendall reports for wjz --
5:54 pm
christie kendall reports for wjz. >> reporter: 8-year-old yolando riv era can't eat a lot of foods kids his age can. >> i'm allergic to milk, peanuts, walnuts and raw corn. >> reporter: her mother will never forget the day she found out. >> his nose was running, he couldn't breathe and he was turning blue. >> reporter: rolando is one of a growing number of children in the u.s. with food allergies. a study in the journal pediatrics says one in every six children have food allergies. >> i really think there's an increase. i don't think we would have missed kids having allergic reactions the several years ago. >> reporter: the study shows 40% of children can have severe reactions to foods. signs of food allergy include skin rashes, wheezing,
5:55 pm
tightening in the throat or difficult breathing. >> the most common allergies, milk, peanuts, shellfish and almost a third of the kids in the study were allergic to more than one kind of food. but not all allergies last until adulthood. >> most children do outgrow allergies to milk and soy. >> reporter: rolando is no longer allergic to milk, but he is still allergic to others. >> even though people offer me food, i'm still going to say no thank you. >> one reason the allergies are increasing is that we are living cleaner lives, less germs. what we have to do is make sure that we put a spotlight on this youth violence.
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days after ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up right now on wjz eyewitness news at 6:00, congressman elijah cummins traveling to virginia to the scene of his nephews murder. his message tonight. the body of a missing fire recruit is found. the questions puzzling investigator, how did he die. baltimore schools front and
5:59 pm
center. will mayors learn by the example set by the city's system. and will rain greet the start of summer? the answer in today's forecast. >> check for these and all of today's breaking news. >> wjz news at 6:00 starts right now. a congressman's call for help. elijah cummings calls for help. >> asking the baltimore community to come together for his nephew. >> hello i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about today. >>


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